Business Consulting

Helping you navigate your personal and business tasks

Guiding your business to financial success

When navigating a ship, smart sea captains use every bit of information available. To venture into unknown waters without a compass, chart and current weather report would be foolhardy indeed. The same is true for business owners today. Given the proper guidance and tools, business owners can reach their financial destination as planned. 

Let us help you build a strong foundation by educating and advising you on several key areas of business start-up, including:

  • Entity type analysis—We’ll help you navigate which entity structure is right for your business as well as handle state and federal form preparation.
  • Accounting system setup—Our team will ensure that your accounting system is optimized to support a streamlined, efficient workflow.
  • Retirement plan analysis—We’ll help you identify the best retirement plan for you and your employees…and one that doesn’t break the bank.